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    IELTS knowledge

    By Smir Kumar
    I finally hit my target with a desired Band 8.0 score.
    Listening Band 8.5
    Reading Band 8.5
    Writing Band 7.0
    Speaking Band 8.0
    To many of my friends, who always ask as to how to prepare best for IELTS.
    Honest advice practice thoroughly, there is no any shortcuts or back door.
    General advice for IELTS exam
    I will outline how I prepared for each section.
    Before you start IELTS prep, you need to ask yourself two questions.
    What is my Basic English skill like? Am I a fluent speaker or I lack in my knowledge of English language? Someone with poor basic grammar and language skills will not reach a band of 8 or 8.5 if they prepare for short duration. They might have to work on their basic skills first and then prepare for IELTS.

    Second question you need to be clear about is what is the score am aiming at? Do I need a 7 or 8? It's always good to aim for a score 0.5 or 1 band higher than what you need. I aimed for 8.5 and got an overall 8.

    Also, remember, even if your Basic English skill is adequate, if you don't practice or aren't thorough about IELTS techniques and fine nuances.

    I think there is no real quick way to learn English truly. It is a slow process where you adopt a language in your daily life. If one is solely looking for a good score in IELTS (Band 8.0 and above), the following can be done:

    1. Practice – it makes one perfect (at least 2-3 hours daily for 50 days). It helps you to tune yourself to the format of the test.

    2.Read – get into a habit of reading (newspapers, novels, etc.). This helps with absorbing English faster. This was my teacher suggestion that helped me prepare for the exam.

    3. Think – Start thinking in English, talk to yourself in English.

    I think the score also depends on current mastery of English, the practice efforts the student can make and a mix of analytical (for Listening and Reading modules) capabilities and interest (for Writing and speaking modules) that one shows.

    Speaking – You must make the necessary effort to speak out in public regularly to improve your speaking. This is one area where most lack and by far it is the easiest section of IELTS. This would be a best idea to speak English with family and friends in day to day life. This improves fluency, and you can learn to speak without hesitation to me, this part of the test was the most relaxing. Think of this as a casual conversation with a fellow human being. Do not try to memorize things and blurt them out during the test. Examiners have ways of finding out if candidates have memorized parts of their speeches. Remember to speak as naturally as possible. Also, don’t worry if the examiner interrupts you while you are speaking. This is just part of the proceedings.

    Writing – This is by far the most dreaded part of the test, especially if you are not a scholar in English or a good writer. The key is to practice over and over using some known topics the only issue with writing is you have to have an outside evaluation. This is the most important thing, to get your writing checked by someone.Without complete professional guideline or knowledge hard to achieve such score beside this I read lots of model essays. I utilized it to read several sample essays and letters Also, Writing correction service it was the best as I got to know my weaknesses and hence got a chance to convert them into my strengths In writing, spelling is important so make sure that spelling errors won’t occur. Moreover, don’t repeat the words that you have already used in writing. Always try to write synonyms instead of using the same word again use.write variety of sentences in complex or compound forms.

    Reading –. One way to improve reading skills Work on your reading speed. Use correct techniques or strategies for reading. Don't read your IELTS passage like you read the newspaper. First read the questions and then read the passage from the perspective of finding answers. . Match the headings, and true false not given are two tricky sections where I struggled. For the match the headings don't jump at the first guess or first option u think is right. Skim all passages and select the best fit. Read the question carefully.

    For true false and NG. There is a fine line between false and NG. When you read the question and think you have found the answer, ask yourself again, is this the same information given in the passage. because sometimes when u rethinks, you will realize it's not given.

    Listening – This section requires a lot of concentration as you need to listen carefully and note down the answers as you hear the recording and it is really quick. I believe, apart from watching English movies without subtitles, practice is the best way to score well in this section. This helped me a great deal to improve my focus while listening. I used to miss information at the beginning but gradually I could catch up and improved. My advice is, choose your own medium of interest. But this exercise is definitely a confidence booster.

    Finally, this is pretty much all the advice I have. Rest, dedicated efforts and organized studying will pay off. I wish all the future IELTS test takers the very best of luck!








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    real estate tips->

    real estate tips #1

    Ramneet Gadi

    December 16 at 12:28 AM

    Dealing with real estate- renting, buying or selling can be very frustrating and intimidating. Especially brought for Toronto Indians facebook group members, to help navigate the real estate market “Real Estate Tips”. Remember that it is always advisable to seek professional help to avoid making costly mistakes and the stress that goes with it.

    !!Real Estate Tips!!

    Lets go Rental Today...

    Rent#1- Rentals are available for any length of time. Shorter the period, lesser the choices you have and most likely costlier, prime example is AirBnB. Most rentals are for one year period and the contract is binding on both the parties i.e. tenant and landlord, unless valid reasons exist, such as illegal activities on premises, failure to pay rent etc. Do your due diligence when seeking rental places and save yourself from misery- go visit the place if not using a realtor, meet the landlord, ask questions to ensure you are dealing with the right owner. To learn more about real estate stay tuned for my next tip. You can also message me or provide your comment about topics you want me to share tips on. Feel free to share these tips.

    Ask #GetReal @ 647-407-4234 (GADI)